United Manufacturing, Inc.
301 Overland Park Place - New Century, KS 66031
Phone: 913-780-0056    FAX 913-829-0820

Boxes and Crates

In addition to crating grade lumber and materials, we have a production capability to build custom wood crates and boxes designed specifically for your product.
Using heat treated lumber, our crates, boxes and skids will be HT Stamped in compliance with ISPM 15 export shipping regulations allowing them to be shipped anywhere in the world. With more experience than any other crating company serving the Kansas City region, United Manufacturing designs and builds crates, wooden boxes and shipping skids to the highest quality standards available to protect your commercial products and industrial goods and supplies from damage during transport and shipment. 

United Manufacturing has the indoor facilities to manufacture wood boxes and crates of any size and configuration. We manufacture containers using southern yellow pine lumber and or plywood.
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